Cant Pay Corporation Tax - Worried Directors Guide

Corporation tax is due on the profits of the business. If you can't pay...

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Balance Sheet

What is Balance Sheet Insolvency? Is there a test for it?

This is when a company’s total liabilities outweigh its total assets. But it...

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Simple liquidation Advice given over our online chat function

Here we give liquidation advice to a director worried about their situation.


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Glass in Pub

Options for an Insolvent Pub

See below some advice given on our online chat regarding an insolvent pub


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Personal representatives and insolvent estates

A guide to personal representatives and insolvent estate procedures with...

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VAT Penalties and Surcharges from HMRC

If your business misses a VAT payment deadline, HMRC will begin to impose...

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Late Payment of VAT

Paying VAT late will result in a penalty, known as a "default". HMRC work hard...

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What Happens if a CVA Fails?

What happens if I enter into a CVA and then can't keep up the payments? Will I...

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Negotiating a Time to Pay with HMRC

If you are unable to pay your taxes on time, you could try negotiating a Time to...

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What Do You Need To Look For In A Bookkeeper?


Your accounts are one of the most important functions of your business. The...

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I want to stop a winding up petition on my company

You can prevent a winding up petition being served on your business if you act...

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Mutual Assistance Recovery Directive

KSA has experienced a situation where the German Tax Authority was pursuing a UK...

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