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4th October, 2017
Keith Steven

Written ByKeith Steven

Managing Director

07879 555349

Keith is the author of the content on this comprehensive rescue, turnaround and insolvency website. He is the managing director of KSA Group Ltd - a specialist firm of turnaround and licensed insolvency practitioners. Keith was nominated for Turnaround Practitioner of the Year 2014 at the National Insolvency and Rescue Awards in 2014.

Keith Steven
  • Where can I learn about how to save my client’s businesses?
  • 3 Seminars that we held in Birmingham, Crawley and Bristol were a great success.

Where can I learn about how to save my client’s businesses?

KSA Group Seminars!! At KSA Group we are passionate about saving companies and feel that education is the key for business people and their advisors to ensure that good viable businesses are not thrown away. There is much ignorance about the rescue mechanisms available, such as informal turnaround, or company voluntary arrangements, and it is often the case that business people leave it too late to act to solve cashflow problems.

What is more, saving a viable business should be an aim of many company’s advisors. Many of these seminars are aimed at advisors that will learn that they can keep a client and be renumerated for helping to bring about the turnaround.

We have already held seminars in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Nottingham and Crawley to spread the word. If you want to attend any of these events and would like to have details of the next one then you should get in touch.

Upcoming Seminar is to be held in Leeds on the 20th of June. CVA’s explained and debated. Please get in touch with if you want to attend

Next Seminar is Turnaround from a Local, National, and International Perspective to be held in Reading on June 12th.

Latest Seminar to be held was CVA versus Pre Pack debate on the 8th May 2013 in London. Read the review of the event published in

Bromley 18th April 2013 – The Kent Triple A event was well received and it was interesting to hear HSBC’s approach to lending requests from small businesses. 

Seminar in Nottingham on the 19th March 2013

This CPD event was a great success with over 30 people in attendance.

3 Seminars that we held in Birmingham, Crawley and Bristol were a great success.

Seminar Edinburgh 19th February 2013

The meeting was addressed by a lawyer, a funder and a turnaround professional, who – drawing on their considerable experience in the field of restructuring – explained some of the options available to distressed companies in order to survive in the current tough economic conditions. The event was a sell out

Date: Tues 19 Feb, 6pm
Venue: Gillespie Macandrew LLP, 5 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 8EJ

KSA Group along with HSBC, Turnaround Management Association (UK), and Advantage Business Partnerships hosted and sponsored free evening Seminars in Birmingham and West Sussex

See details and a review of the Birmingham Event

See details and a review of the West Sussex Event 

KSA Group are Gold Sponsors of the Turnaround Management Association UK and we will be sponsoring events throughout 2012/2013

Attendees at these events will get our our USB toolkits with hundreds of pages on how to save companies.

KSA Group are keen to explain the benefits of the CVA mechanism to as wide a range of people as possible. As such, we were presenting at the Turnaround Management Association in Birmingham which was attended by 43 people. You can see the video of Keith Steven presenting below.

We also aim to bring the CVA mechanism to the attention of professionals in Scotland. We held a seminar in Edinburgh on the subject which was well attended. In 2011 there were a total of 14 CVAs done in Scotland compared to 765 in England and Wales….Recent statistics out has shown that only 1 CVA was approved in the first quarter of 2012.There are some legal issues as to why it is harder to get a CVA approved in Scotland but the differences do not account for the huge disparity.

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