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Company insolvency in Scotland

1 August 2017

Is there a genuine company rescue culture in Scotland?"

There is only one company driving the rescue culture in Scotland, and you have found it!

I am Keith Steven. Our firm KSA Group, who run this website, are responsible for a significant proportion of CVA led rescue work in Scotland.

If you run an insolvent or struggling Scottish company the chance of rescue is low. Amazingly, less than 1% of insolvent companies are rescued by a company voluntary arrangement or CVA each year!  This is compared to England and Wales, where proportionally, the CVA is used 4 times as often.

The oil industry

Over the last few months, there has been a decline in oil prices, yet a rise in operation costs, causing businesses in the North Sea to struggle. If you need help to either save your business or close it down, call us on 08009700539. 

Here are statistics from 2016/17 that show the "rescue culture" still has a long way to go.

Insolvency statistics - Scotland only (figures from AiB);  

  • 846 Scottish registered companies went into liquidation (both compulsory and voluntarily) or receivership in 2016/17, compared to 901 in 2015/16. In 2012, 1167 companies were in liquidation or receivership.  
  • Over 2016/17, there were 558 compulsory liquidation cases and 277 creditors voluntary liquidations.
  • As for CVAs, in 2015 only 4, and in 2016? 0 you read that correctly, 0 companies were saved by the CVA tool which is a scandalous waste of good businesses. Incidentally, the Government wants more companies to use CVA! Although this is not reflected in the figures. (source: UK Insolvency Statistics)

So always ask your advisors these questions -  What about a CVA - would that work? What is the comparison between CVA and liquidation? What is the comparison between CVA and administration? Please explain why you have chosen one particular solution whilst not considering the others.

There are many myths and misconceptions about CVAs. So if you have been told they don't work then read our worries and mistruths page here to see if this is the case. We have done over 500 CVAs so we are speaking from experience and we know what we are talking about.

The standard approach in Scotland seems to be - if a company is struggling, whack in a winding-up petition and knock the company over or place it into liquidation yourself.

Almost all insolvency practitioners in Scotland will tell you that HMRC WON'T SUPPORT A CVA!

Interestingly, HMRC in Scotland are very supportive of rescues, and would much rather see the company survive in CVA than be liquidated and start again. We have never had a CVA rejected by HMRC in Scotland. We have a good working relationship with HMRC in Scotland and with the Voluntary Arrangement Service in England who are currently dealing with all Scottish CVAs.

Whether you are dealing with a CVA (company voluntary arrangement), creditors voluntary liquidation, Phoenix, administration or pre-pack administration sale we can help you find the RIGHT SOLUTION!

If your business is unsalvageable, then there is still the option to liquidate - we can help assist with this. Call us on 08009700539 or 0131 242 0081. We have fully trained advisors ready to talk to you between 8 am and 6 pm every weekday. 

Our regional manager for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Derek Robinson, will be able to visit you at short notice and go through all the options.  Please call our Edinburgh number on  0131 242 0081.

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