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Liquidation Testimonials

7 August 2017

Business services company (creditors' meeting 26th July 2013) 
My company had been suffering financial issues after a loss of income and was having great difficulty in agreeing a time to pay arrangement with several areas of HMRC. 

After a particularly stressful period where an inspector had paid successive visits to my house, upsetting my wife and new baby and leaving letters demanding payment, I really did not know where to turn next. I started looking around on the internet to see if there was any help possible and luckily it was then that I came across the KSA Group website. I read through their services and testimonials and decided they may be able to help or offer advice so I contacted them immediately.

I can honestly say from the very first phone call a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I cannot say how much better I felt after that initial consultation. I felt immediately KSA had the expertise and personnel to be able to help with my particular circumstance.

My subsequent meetings with Gary to explore the options available, and finally Wayne to start the legal processes left me feeling much happier about my situation and that I was doing the correct thing. At no stage did I feel unable to ask questions or that my interests were not being looked after. From start to finish I was treated with professionalism and fully supported through the entire process. I cannot say thank you enough for the help I have received from such a fantastic team.

Liquidation of an IT company

I just wanted to thank you and the team for helping me and indirectly my family through what was a very difficult time, both emotionally and financially. Wayne was fantastic at putting me at ease and throughout the whole insolvency process, it was less stressful than I had first anticipated; many thanks Wayne. 

I must say the the professionalism and personal touch of the whole team was exemplary. From the first introductory meeting all the way through the final insolvency process. What was a significant factor in my decision to assign KSA Group was the feedback given by previous clients and the sensitive way in which my case was dealt with because the circumstance leading up to the difficult decision to apply for insolvency were extra ordinary. My deepest thanks to everyone and as promised I will ask the wife to bake some special KSA Group class cupcakes for the team to enjoy which I will deliver personally.

Many many thanks...

Kindest Regards, AP

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