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Company Rescue website is published by KSA Group. KSA Group are licensed insolvency and turnaround practitioners. We do this work for real everyday. Our guides are based upon our expert knowledge gained over many years of practical experience.

When we meet clients, banks, HMRC, investors etc we are measured on the quality of our work and our experience: from the initial advice we give on this web site through to initial contact, meetings and reporting to our prospective clients. Once appointed we deliver for the clients we take on.

Many people are obviously worried about the impact of insolvency on their business and what the risks are for restructuring that business. Sometimes people ask us for real case studies to try and learn more about us and our methods, typically they want to read real life turnaround stories to bolster their decision making process.

Other people are researching turnarounds, company rescue case studies and we hope that all can be assisted by the following pages.

We hope the following pages help you to choose us as your advisors – no other firm in the UK can offer such a wide variety of case studies. KSA is involved all day and every day in rescues, turnarounds and closures of insolvent businesses.

Perhaps you will learn from both the successful and not so successful studies that there are many reasons why a company can become insolvent. With appropriate advice and help there are also many options available to get out of that situation. It requires quality advisors, good planning, hard work, realism and determination of management to succeed.

If you want to discuss any of the issues described in the cases please call Gary Weber or Keith Steven on 0800 970 0539.

These real life insolvency case studies are based on businesses like yours. In many cases we can put you in touch with the directors involved as they’re happy to be referees. We can help you get out of the mess.

Look at our sector experience if you want to find specific sector case studies.

Restructuring  of a Professional Accountancy Firm in London Sports Clothing Distributor Sales £7m CVA Case Study Civil Engineering Company CVA Case Study A Small Brewing Company CVA in 2023 Multiple landlord CVA successfully approved KSA Rescues Travel Company From Pandemic A CVA Rescues Chain Of Beauty Salons Negotiating With Landlords To Save Chain of Restaurants Liquidation Case Study Small Hampshire IT Consultancy Company We got in touch with KSA group having failed to acheive a Time to Pay Arrangement 25 jobs Saved After Pre-Packaged Administration Sale. Asian Health Food Chain Saved By A CVA Following Pandemic Loss Of Sales Company Sold For Millions After KSA Stopped Winding Up Petition UK based recruitment company – CVA case study CVA case study for rightsizing businesses post Covid-19 shock. CVA Case Study – Manchester Multi Store Retailer Haulage and logistics company saved during the pandemic CVA Case Study – London Based Digital Branding Agency CVA Case Study – London Based Cycle Retailer Northeast Sign Manufacturer CVA Case Study Case Study CVA – Norfolk Haulage Company €48m FMCG Manufacturer Distributor Rescued By KSA Group. Engineering Business West Midlands – CVA and New Funding CVA Case Study – Hampshire Based Garden Services company UK based cleaning contractor – CVA case study North England haulage services company – CVA case study CVA Case Study for IT services company in Surrey A Southern Based Gift and Toy Distributor – CVA case study Sussex Based UK Building Contractor Dorset Based Bar Operation – CVA case study UK Based Production Company – CVL case study Hertfordshire Recruitment Company Enters CVA – A Case Study UK based management consultant LLP Glass company in liquidation Case study CVA case study – marine hydraulics sector A UK based self employed individual – IVA case study CVA case study – Glasgow Digital Marketing Company Southern UK Based Pub & Restaurant Business Southern UK based recruitment business UK based Print Company – CVA case study UK Based Print Sector Company Southern UK marketing Agency – CVA case study IT Consultancy CVA case study UK Based Restaurant Business Southern UK Based Heating Engineer Company – CVA Case Study Case study of building company rescued by CVA in the West Midlands London based specialist film maker – CVA case study Midlands Based Subcontractor Engineering Company Based In West UK – CVA Case Study Southern Based Internet Retailer – CVA and IVA case studies Midlands based transport & logistics business Southern based hospitality partnership PVA case study Southern based I.T. and hardware company CVA case study Southern based sports retail and service company CVA case study Southern Based Medical Supply Company Time To Pay Deal Brokered Despite A Missed Payment Central UK Telecoms provider CVA case study Signage company CVA case study – Southern England Road Transport Freight Supplier UK Based Motor Dealer CVA case study – Gift and home products supplier CVA case study – Printing company CVA case study – Southern Based Building Company CVA Case Study – Southern Based Online Retailer CVA case study – Company in the farming sector Case Study: East Anglian Plumbing Company CVA Case study – Scottish Based Retailer Southern UK based software development company Case study – UK based care company case study – Southern based highway maintenance company CVA case study – engineering company CVA to rescue a recruitment business based in Scotland Midlands Based Care Company – CVA case study Liquidation Case Study: Aviation Services Company Administration case study – printer company Pre-pack administration case study – manufacturing company CVA Case study – Southern England based hair salon company CVA case study: Scottish-based Locksmiths CVA case study: Bristol-based Company in Construction Sector Case Study – Insulation Company Holding CVA case study – animal centre CVA case study – Midlands building services company CVA Case Study – Midlands Based Shop Fitting Company Rescue Case Study – Southern England Restaurant and Catering Company Liquidation case study – East Anglian haulage company CVA rescues stationery supply company after winding up petition Rescue Case Study: Electronic Entertainments Installation Sector Winding up petition case study – construction sector Rescue case study – Fashion retailer Rescue case study – kitchen manufacturing company Liquidation Case Study – Two Connected Companies Rescue Case Study – Point of Sale company for the fast food industry Liquidation Case Study – Essex retailer Rescue case study – Flooring specialist Rescue case study – a delicatessen Case study – Bus glazing company in the Midlands Case study – Southern Based Interior Design Company Turnaround Case Study – West England Brewing Company KSA Group uses a CVA to rescue a North East building business Company determining Lease obligations in a CVA CVA for a UK plc Quoted on a US Stock Market Software designer Company Exits CVA early Oil and Gas Sector Services company CVA case study London Based Conference Organiser CVA Case Study Liquidation Case Study Training Company London Liquidation case study of a printer cartridge franchise Winding up petition withdrawn as company proposes CVA Winding up petition case study in renewal energy sector Winding Up Petition Case Study – Health Drink Retailer Liquidation case study – Financial Consultancy KSA Group persuades HMRC to withdraw winding up petition and accept CVA West Midlands Components Manufacturer Case Study – £6m sales CVA Case Study Recruitment Company CVA Case Study London Recruitment Company CVA Case Study London based TV and advert production company £1.2m sales CVA Case Study Film and TV Editors CVA Case Study Edinburgh Print and Design company £1m sales CVA Case Study Dot Com Boom Magazine publisher CVA Case Study London Restaurant is liquidated following attempt at CVA Liquidation Case Study Franchise Company Kent Family Company CVA Case Study Haulage Company CVA case study Construction Company successful CVA Essex Trading Out Deal followed by CVA – Case Study Company Voluntary arrangement Case Study – Scotland Engineering Business in the West Midlands CVA case study South East Internet Retailing Company Rescued CVA For A Security (Manned Guarding) Company East Midlands Recruitment Company Saved Repays 50p in the pound in a CVA CVA Case Study Yorkshire Small transport business Case Study of Hive Down with CVA CVA Case Study West Midlands Software Development Company CVA Case Study Software Company CVA Case Study Interim Management And New Capital Manufacturer Case Study – Construction Business in the North of England Midlands Based Design Company Winding Up Petition Case Study – Haulage Firm Web Design and Marketing Company Saved By A CVA CVA Case study – Insolvent Law Firm Essex-based manufacturing company CVA approved Scaffolding Company CVA Case Study CVA Case Study Two Haulage companies Case Study CVA West Midlands Bathroom Products Distributors sales of £1m Case Study CVA for Leveraged Buy In Managment Buy Out Case Study Company Voluntary Arrangement for Furniture Designer Retailer Birmingham IT company £1.71m Blue Chip CVA Case Study Aylesbury and Dundee CVA Case Study Call Centre Business CVA Case Study – IT Services to Education Sector Heathrow Haulage and Logistics Company