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My business is struggling and cannot pay its debts. Where can I get help?

You can get lots of help right here! We are here to help you take back control of your business and ensure that you put worry behind you. 

This page and this website are carefully designed to explain, in straight forward language, the various options that you have as a company director.  We want you to carefully consider each option without listening to the so called experts in the pub! Why not click all the boxes below and read through them privately and securely. These guides are accurate, legally correct  and written by qualified experts in turnaround and insolvency.  So who would you rather trust bar room lawyers or real experts?!

Once you have read the guides you may have questions about how each option may affect YOU and YOUR company. Of course you can call our helpful team and they will guide you on your particular circumstances too. Why not take control of your situation and give us a call.

Plan A; Avoid insolvency with informal deal

If my company can't pay its debts, how can it avoid insolvency? What can you do?

Company Voluntary Arrangement or CVA

What is a company voluntary arrangement? How does it work? Can costs be cut dramatically in a CVA?


What is administration? What does it mean to appoint an administrator and how does it work? Who can appoint an administrator? What is a pre pack administration ? How do you do an administration followed by CVA?

Trading Out

A common sense way to trade out of cash flow problems.This a very common approach. Your company hits a problem that is not life threatening but you have serious cashflow difficulties, possibly Tax and VAT arrears and creditors shouting loudly. Following this guide and applying common sense may help you get out of that position.

Time to Pay VAT & PAYE Programme

Under the Business Payments Support Service, your company can obtain a time to pay deal directly from the tax man. Call 0845 3021435 and ask for assistance. Ideally your will have prepared forecasts, cash flow forecasts and a plan to repay the tax over an AFFORDABLE period of time. We can help you with this.


If your business is in trouble and the relationship with the bank is breaking down, we suggest that you look carefully at the guides in this site. Work out the viability of the business, can you trim costs? Work out the problems, set out the position and have a meeting of directors.   Receivership is often at term used instead of Administration which is more commonly the case.  Receivership only really applies if you have borrowed money from a bank prior to 2002.

Voluntary Liquidation

What if there was a way we could quickly close the company and get rid of our worry and stress? We don't want to risk personal liability and we need to stop these creditors putting us under more pressure. Voluntary liquidation could be the answer!

Compulsory Liquidation

When a company ends up in compulsory liquidation it is usually a sign that a creditor has given up trying to recover money from the company, or it indicates that a Crown or Government agency has wound up the company, using a winding up petition under the public interest. So, how does a company go into compulsory liquidation and what happens in the winding up process?

Company Voluntary Dissolution

With only a few debts, dissolution might be the answer

Refinance Your Company

Our guide to refinancing the company.

Trade Sales Guide

Selling your business when it is in distress is difficult as buyers will want to know why and will price accordingly.  That said, if the problem is solvable they may well buy your business for assets like contacts, intellectual property etc. You can sell your business via Business Sale Report for instance.

What about a full independent business review of your financial situation?

A Worried Director

The Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors

Worried about poor cashflow? How to win new work? How to pay wages on pay day? For expert advice on a range of issues download our free Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors today. Or just call us on 0800 9700539

Please note that the guide was written pre Covid-19 and there are some likely changes to insolvency rules regarding wrongful trading.  Please see this page here.​​​​​​​

KSA Group which owns this site, will help you fix problems in your business. We won't charge for any initial advice or face to face meetings. We speak in English. We will save you money and your precious time. 

We also follow up any meeting with a full "solutions report" which runs on average to 30 pages valuable free advice!!  No other practitioner offers this service.  In this report we advise on ALL the options and explain them clearly.  We advise on a course of action given the information you have given us ( the more information we have the better we can advise!) 

Keith Steven

Managing Director

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