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Derek Robinson who heads up our Scottish Office, has a great deal of business experience developed throughout his career, beginning in advertising, marketing and marketing services and latterly founding and growing businesses in printing, graphic design and on-line toy retailing.

A creative and yet objective thinker, Derek understands very well the challenges of running a business and is keen to advise and help directors overcome challenging financial circumstances.

If you give us a call we can advise you on which course of action suits your particular circumstances. This is whether it is a CVA , Administration or a Liquidation for your Glasgow company.

We have years of experience with HMRC, banks, creditors, suppliers, shareholders, lenders etc. and we know their likely impact on your business. In many cases, you may not be the best person to judge your business’s viability as you are too close to it. Reality check the situation with us and we can advise further and follow up with a free meeting for piece of mind.

Want to liquidate your Glasgow company?

If the company cannot be saved, and you do not believe that a 3-5 year extension on your debts is affordable, via a CVA, then we can conduct a quick and professional liquidation.  It is important to act if you believe that your company is insolvent.  Failure to act can leave you exposed to personal financial risk.  As above, you can call Derek direct and he can explain the process.  Once you appoint us, we can stop creditor pressure and put the company into voluntary liquidation in 4 weeks.  After the creditors meeting we take over and your duties as a director cease.

Members Voluntary Liquidation Services (MVL)

An MVL is a voluntary procedure to wind up the affairs of a SOLVENT company.  This means that cash and assets can be distributed to the “members”.  See this page about our services

How much does liquidation cost?

The total costs do rather depend on the amount of work involved.  Obviously, the more creditors there are and the more complicated the picture in terms of loans, property, company structure etc then the cost will be higher but for a simple liquidation with 1 or 2 creditors start at £4500 + VAT

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