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Wayne Harrison

Director of Insolvency London

Wayne Harrison

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Wayne is also a licensed insolvency practitioner who is regulated and licensed by the IPA. He has over 18 year's insolvency experience and heads up our London office. 

Wayne left his native Manchester in the early 90s during the last recession and headed south where he started his insolvency career with the Official Receiver in London. He has extensive experience of corporate and personal insolvency, which culminated in him being appointed by the IPA to oversee the regulation of insolvency practitioners. He joined the IPA in 2003 where he was part of the team that developed and implemented its "Better Regulation Framework" and he managed its regulatory operations for three years before making the decision to return to insolvency practice with KSA Group in 2009. 

Wayne's regulatory work at the IPA provided him with an unequalled insight into the workings of the insolvency industry and he is of the view that the corporate rescue provisions of the insolvency legislation are currently underused. This he is looking forward to remedying at KSA Group and he is pleased that the Government is now championing the use of CVAs as a rescue mechanism of choice. He shares Eric's ethos of "giving the right advice" and of providing assistance at the earliest opportunity in order to give ailing businesses the best chance to turn their fortunes around. 

Whilst at KSA Group, Wayne has also run a number of businesses as an administrator to ensure the best possible outcome for creditors and stakeholders.  Wayne has successfully sold struggling businesses and also exited an administration via CVA.

Wayne will give any potential new client free advice, a free meeting and most of all good guidance to the right options. 

Call Wayne now on 07879 555349 or 08009700539.