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Keith Steven

Managing Director

Keith Steven

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Keith is the author of the content on this comprehensive rescue, turnaround and insolvency website.  He is the managing director of KSA Group Ltd - a specialist firm of turnaround and licensed insolvency practitioners. Keith was nominated for Turnaround Practitioner of the Year 2014 at the National Insolvency and Rescue Awards in 2014, unfortunately he didn’t win!.   

Keith is a former director of the UK Turnaround Management Association. Founder and managing director of Cheswick Capital Limited, Company Funding Options Limited and other turnaround businesses.

See his Linkedin Profile for recommendations and further information.

Keith was the original inventor, founder and original author of the content on this site which is owned and managed by KSA. Keith has been featured in Mike Southon's column in the Financial Times and his book - This is How Yoodoo on entrepreneurs.

More than 10,000 people have contacted KSA Group since Keith launched this unique website in 2000 and over 700 companies have now been directly assisted by the author over the last 24 years with assignments ranging from large multi-national projects to small manufacturing companies, to simple advice over the phone. 

For example, Keith ran a £500m hi-tech company in a trading administration for the administrators which led to an innovative CVA rescue in 2004 and that world class company (now much smaller) survives with sales over £100m or so. Keith has worked with much smaller concerns from £500k sales upwards and he is currently leading the turnaround of two £25m travel companies, crane companies, haulage,  software and SaaS businesses (2020). 

Keith started his career in retailing and after the recession of 1991 he joined a specialist turnaround firm in London in 1994 and has helped set up two venture capital companies since, specialising in the distressed / turnaround sector. Since then he has focused on driving the delivery of free information to distressed business people and promoting the use of CVAs, innovative administrations and informal turnarounds. 

There isn't much he hasn't seen, he is an entrepreneur and vastly experienced in turning around companies. Talk to Keith directly if you want.  Often seeing rescue strategies that directors, investors and banks miss, he can work with your company to set out plans for recovery. Start talking to us soon at KSA, because your options can and will diminish as any crisis grows.

See his Linkedin Profile for recommendations and further information.

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