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Turnaround Case Studies

Here we provide actual cases studies on some of our turnaround work.

None of this is made up to suit the internet; we have wealth if experience in identifying problems, setting out solutions and bringing in the people needed to deliver the plans. We have worked with venture capital, private equity and private investors to fix problem companies. We have been brought in by great salespeople who cannot manager financial information to fix that. We have worked with manufacturers to reorganise their factories. in other cases we have helped clients sell their troubled businesses.

We can bring the following expertise to your table

  • Turnaround directors, interim managers, Chief Restructuring Officers.
  • Board chairman (executive or non)
  • Non executive directors
  • Finance directors, out sourced finance departments
  • Factory process analysts
  • Marketing experts 

    Here at KSA, we put into practice the techniques described on our websites. So you can be sure that the information given on this website is not theoretical, it is based on hard won experience and practical application for real companies every day!

    Watch the video below to see if you think the business is viable.


    Turnaround case study - West England brewing company

    This company was incorporated in 1997 and trades from its premises in the west...

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    CVA case study - Company in the farming sector

    The business traded since the late 1980s, within the farming sector,...

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    Essex Trading Out Deal followed by CVA - Case Study

    Based near Basildon this was a subsidiary of a German company. The MD saw huge...

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    Terminating Leases Case Study

    Essex - Terminating a Lease in a CVA After Administration

    This client was one...

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