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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Company Rescue Ltd and KSA Group Ltd

We are known as honest people to work with because we give advice based on the facts of the client’s position – not on what we want to sell. With a wide variety of products and expertise we will try to learn about your position and then match it to our experience and choose a solution that is the right one – sometimes our clients do not agree but we will not compromise our ethical approach to our work!

So our terms and conditions of use are as follows

  1. This web site is operated by KSA Group Ltd. Our aim is to give people with debt problems advice based on our wide knowledge and expertise in debt recovery situations. We do not charge for any advice given via this website, by email, in a letter or by telephone unless you become a client.
  2. We don’t accept any responsibility or liability for your actions before you contacted KSA Group Ltd. (KSA).
  3. This site is a free service providing general guidance to people with insolvent businesses. It cannot give specific advice unless you contact us by email and or telephone and provide us with enough information to give advice.
  4. We cannot accept any responsibility for any actions of the client, where they do not follow the advice given by KSA.
  5. We will not act as turnaround advisors for any company or person until they appoint us by signing an engagement letter. This will always follow a face to face or video meeting and the production of a detailed financial and solutions report.
  6. When sending information via our contact form, we guarantee that the contact form is safe and secure. The information you will provide to us will not be divulged to any third party unless you agree to this.
  7. We can accept no responsibility for any failure of the client to raise new loans, remortgages, or other credit facilities from brokers or product suppliers that we may introduce.
  8. If the client, post engagement, fails to supply all information requested by a KSA employee within a reasonable time frame we will cease acting for that client. We will resign our involvement in writing. Any fees paid by the client to that point will not be subject to refund.
  9. If we recommend a loan to help your situation please be aware that the details published on this site are intended for information only and should not be construed as advice under the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000.
  10. You are advised to take appropriate professional and legal advice before entering into any binding contracts.
  11. We will not accept any responsibility for any advice given or solutions provided, where the client has been dishonest with KSA, failed to provide all relevant information or has failed to tell the whole truth.
  12. Where the client has been honest and open in his/her dealings with KSA and they have a genuine grievance with regard to the failure of our services and advice given, we will seek to rectify that complaint quickly and honestly.
  13. We cannot assist any director, company, partner or sole trader trading substantially outside the United Kingdom.
  14. If you do not agree with any of these terms or conditions please do not use our site or our free advice service.

If you have a complaint

We are very confident that you will be delighted with our service but if you have any complaints please write to our managing director:

Mr Keith Steven,

KSA Group Ltd
7 & 8 The Chandlery,
Berwick Upon Tweed,
TD15 1HE

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