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Welcome to the Company Rescue Shop, here you can purchase our expert programs and step by step guides. Buying online saves you money as you don't pay for professional time.

We've poured our professional knowledge into these easy to use products to give you expert advice and to SAVE YOU MONEY!!!

All purchases are confidential, secure, safe and handled by Paypal which allows the use of all major debit and credit cards. Plus we offer a Money Back Guarantee on all Expert programmes. If you want to call us on 08009700539 we can take your details over the phone and we will email it to you.

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The Experts Deluxe Time to Pay Programme: Tax, Trade Creditors and 90 day Cashflow Forecast

Get months to pay Tax, PAYE, VAT and Trade Creditors! Includes our Expert DAILY Cashflow Model!

Improves your cashflow, buys time, prevents liquidation & PROTECTS YOU AS DIRECTORS.

Easy to follow guides, file set up, cashflow control, daily / weekly timetables, board resolutions, checklists, letter templates and examples of all the letters you need AND how to fill them in!

Get an expert job done professionally without professional costs! We've done the work for you by pouring all of our EXPERTISE into this programme.

Others charge between 5,000 & 15,000 for this "service". Why pay over all of that hard earned cash when you CAN do it yourself with our expert programme and save money?

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Expert's Daily Cashflow Model - 3 month extendable. Essential Kit for all business people!

Bounced cheques?!! Don't know what your up to date cashflow position is? Are you breaking the law?

Get our Experts Daily Cashflow model: control cash every day, know what's in your bank every day! Easy to use. Set out your regular payments, add sales, enter payments to creditors, tax and VAT. Then roll it out for months or years! This is FREE


YES please, I want CONTROL over my cashflow, everyday starting today! I will call for my FREE copy

Get your PDF copy, FREE, by emailing KSA now on or call 08009700539

Complete Expert's Guide to Company Voluntary Arrangements

Unique, comprehensive and indispensable.

There is only one complete, experts guide to company voluntary arrangements. Published in September 2008 by Keith Steven the UK's leading CVA expert.

You will need to provide the following information: Name, name of your company, email and telephone number.

We have packed decades of experience into this 120 page guide. It will tell you all you need to know about CVA's to rescue your company or your client's company.

Get your PDF copy, FREE, by emailing KSA now on or call 08009700539

Complete Guide to Turning Around or Rescuing Your Struggling Recruitment Company

KSA's Complete Expert Guide to Turning Around or Restructuring Your Struggling or Insolvent Recruitment Company

Learn the trade secrets of the UK's leading SME turnaround advisor and company voluntary arrangement expert; Keith Steven. Get thousands of pounds worth of Expert Advice for your company free

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