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Professional Services Insolvency Case Studies

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Every business is different, however there are particular issues that the professional services sector face which are unique to the industry.

Professional services include accounting, financial advisors business recovery and security, among others.

Problems that arise:

  • Finding qualified staff
  • Regulated, under pressure 
  • Tough competition
  • Technology always changing, need updates in software (accounting for example)
  • Fall in demand in some areas
  • The internet makes everyone an expert now

As turnaround practitioners, our specialists can help tackle these issues with you to get your services company back on track. We can go through all the available options, like expert assessment of the issues your company faces, improved financial reporting,  Time to Pay deals, CVAs and pre-pack administrations.  

We have worked with law firms, accountancy forms, IFAs, architects, engineering consultants, dentists, umbrella companies, recruitment,  doctor surgeries and many more. We know how your firm is regulated and have extensive experience working with SRA, ICAEW, IPA, ACCA, CQC, etc.

Call us on 0800 9700539 for free expert advice and a talk through your options. We can visit you onsite to discuss your specific situation.

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CVA Case Study - London Based Digital Branding Agency

We were contacted by this London based digital branding consultancy in 2018. The...

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CVA Case Study Hampshire Based Garden Services company

The director of the company contacted Sarah Massey of KSA to discuss the...

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CVA case study - Dorset based Cleaning Contractor

The director of the Dorset based company contacted Sarah Massey of KSA to...

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UK based production company - CVL case study

The director of the company contacted Sarah Massey of KSA to discuss the...

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UK based management consultant LLP

An associate of the consultancy LLP contacted KSA regional manager, Amanda...

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London based specialist film maker - CVA case study

The directors of the film-producing company contacted Eirlys Lloyd of KSA to...

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Midlands based subcontractor - CVA case study

The director of the company contacted KSA to discuss the company’s present...

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case study - Southern based highway maintenance company

This company was incorporated in April 2010 and is a provider of highway...

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Liquidation Case Study: Aviation Services Company

The director first contacted KSA Group to discuss the company’s rapidly...

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CVA Case study - Southern England based hair salon company

This company was incorporated in May 2009 and operates as a boutique hair...

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CVA case study: Scottish-based Locksmiths

This locksmith company in Scotland was established in 1851 and offers services...

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Case study - insulation company

This building insulation and treatment company was incorporated in 1979. One of...

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Holding CVA case study - animal centre

The company is an environmental visitor centre with retail and catering...

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CVA case study - Midlands based shop fitting company

This company was incorporated in late January 2008. The director contacted KSA...

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Rescue case study: Electronic entertainments installation sector

This Eastern-based company was incorporated in April 2007. The director...

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Liquidation case study - two connected companies

Liquidation case study Nationwide carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise...

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Rescue case study - Flooring specialist

Based in the the Home Counties

Owing to extremely poor trading conditions...

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Case study - Bus glazing company in the Midlands

The Midlands based company was incorporated in 2008 and traded from a...

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Case study - Southern based interior design company

Incorporated November 2002, the company is high-end residential and commercial...

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KSA Group uses a CVA to rescue a North East building business

Our client was incorporated in February 1977. However, the business, which has...

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CVA for a UK plc Quoted on a US Stock Market

KSA Group was invited to review this media and events company with circa 10m of...

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Oil and Gas Sector Services company CVA case study

£3m sales - Defeating a Winding up Petition

This company was a well established...

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London Based Conference Organiser CVA Case Study

Sales £6m; Staff 30; Award-winning business suffering massive market fallout. 


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Winding up petition withdrawn as company proposes CVA

Media Limited is a marketing and database management companyThe directors were...

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Liquidation case study - Financial Consultancy

The director contacted KSA Group in May 2013 to discuss the company's financial...

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KSA Group persuades HMRC to withdraw winding up petition and accept CVA

Case Study Telephone Answering Service

The company successfully operated a...

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CVA for a Security (Manned Guarding) Company East Midlands

£600,000 sales 

This small company had grown quickly in 2 years from 0 to...

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Midlands Based Design Company

Incorporated in 1999, the company provides design and manufacture solutions...

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Aylesbury and Dundee CVA Case Study Call Centre Business

This company provided call centre support services to sales companies, sales of...

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CVA Case Study - Electrical Contractor in Kent

An electrical services contractor, working in the industrial and commercial...

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Plant Services Company in Scotland saved by CVA

Following an initial conversation with KSA, our Regional Manager for Scotland...

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CVA Case Study Sunderland Home Services Business

This company provided home services particularly to people moving house. A...

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Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) For an Limited Liability Partnership or LLP

How to Rescue a Law Firm Trading as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


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CVA case study moving to a liquidation

Reds Technologies Limited

Reds Technologies was incorporated on 13th April...

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Liquidation Case Study Multiple Group Companies Case

We were approached by a group of recruitment companies with 8 companies in a...

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Terminating Leases Case Study

Essex - Terminating a Lease in a CVA After Administration

This client was one...

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Northern Ireland company saved by a CVA

Following a conversation with the company's financial advisor, our Regional...

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Winding up petition case study - contract Delivery

This is a case study where we were able to help a business that had a winding up...

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