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Liquidation Case Study Franchise Company

A director called us after reading the website. Having invested much of his savings to buy an expensive franchise in the sign-making sector he was worried that it was not performing well and he was ploughing more and more capital in.
We took him through the options, then mutually we decided that it was never going to work in that location. He would risk losing his house by borrowing more against his home to plug the cashflow hole (never a good idea)!


We advised him that the HP company would take back the equipment that it had financed (and sell it off probably) and then the debtors due to be collected would easily cover the cost of voluntary liquidation which was around £3-4,000.


The property (a shop) lease was immediately disclaimed by the liquidator and the director, who had a personal guarantee on the lease, helped find a new tenant within around 3 months. He has avoided personal bankruptcy, kept his home and his marriage/family. David now works in the same sector but as a manufacturing director for a sign making company in Kent.


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