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Information Technology Insolvency Case Studies

Information Technology Engineer

Every business is different, however there are particular issues that IT companies face which are unique to the sector. 

Although this type of business often requires no stock for trading (which, of course, limits supplier issues), a number of problems can still occur. For example:

  • Constant change and innovation needed in technology putting pressure on Human resource
  • The internet makes “everyone an expert” now!
  • Low margins on sale of hardware
  • Getting clients to pay for service and support
  • Larger firms tend to dominate
  • Small contractors fail to keep books and records, then get hit with tax bills they cannot afford
  • Overdrawn director loan accounts

As turnaround practitioners, our specialists can help tackle these issues with you to get your IT business back on track. We can go through all the available options, like expert assessment of the issues your company faces, improved financial reporting,  Time to Pay deals, CVAs and pre-pack administrations.  

KSA Group has our own turnaround practitioners available to help  IT companies. We can also provide referees on request.

Call us on 0800 9700539 for free expert advice and a talk through your options. We can visit you onsite to discuss your specific situation.

We can also accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

CVA case study for rightsizing businesses post Covid-19 shock.

CVA case study for rightsizing businesses post Covid-19 shock.

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