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With so much bad news in the hospitality sector currently we thought it was about time to announce some GOOD NEWS!

We’re pleased to announce that Bar Restaurant Solutions has teamed up with KSA Group to make Hospitality Rescue an even more powerful force in the hospitality sector.

Jointly, we can address debt and creditor issues, improve practices, and create a simple, effective and efficient structure, allowing an ailing hospitality business space to breathe, recover and rebuild.

Our NEW 32-page guide entitled “Your Hospitality Business – Recovery and Building on Solid Foundations” is now available to download – FREE OF CHARGE.

The guide tells you about our experienced team (with over 55 years’ turnaround experience in the hospitality sector), important questions to ask yourself, establishing viability moving forward, how Hospitality Rescue can help YOU (including case studies of some of the clients we’ve worked with) and a large number of FREE helpful downloads.

Click the image opposite to access your FREE copy or call us today on 0845 519 4930 if your hospitality business needs urgent help!

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CVA case study for rightsizing businesses post Covid-19 shock.

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