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Rescue Stories

Company Rescue website is published by KSA Group. KSA Group are licensed insolvency and turnaround practitioners. We do this work for real everyday. Our guides are based upon our expert knowledge gained over many years of practical experience.

When we meet clients, banks, HMRC, investors etc we are measured on the quality of our work and our experience: from the initial advice we give on this web site through to initial contact, meetings and reporting to our prospective clients. Once appointed we deliver for the clients we take on.

Many people are obviously worried about the impact of insolvency on their business and what the risks are for restructuring that business. Sometimes people ask us for real case studies to try and learn more about us and our methods, typically they want to read real life turnaround stories to bolster their decision making process.

Other people are researching turnarounds, company rescue case studies and we hope that all can be assisted by the following pages.

We hope the following pages help you to choose us as your advisors – no other firm in the UK can offer such a wide variety of case studies. KSA is involved all day and every day in rescues, turnarounds and closures of insolvent businesses.

Perhaps you will learn from both the successful and not so successful studies that there are many reasons why a company can become insolvent. With appropriate advice and help there are also many options available to get out of that situation. It requires quality advisors, good planning, hard work, realism and determination of management to succeed.

If you want to discuss any of the issues described in the cases please call Iain Campbell or Keith Steven on 0800 970 0539.

These real life insolvency case studies are based on businesses like yours. In many cases we can put you in touch with the directors involved as they're happy to be referees.  We can help you get out of the mess.

CVA case study - UK based motor dealer

The director of the company contacted Keith Steven of KSA to discuss the...

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CVA case study - Gift and home products supplier

The director of the company contacted KSA to discuss the company’s present...

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CVA case study - printing company

The company was incorporated in 1993 and provided print lamination services to...

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CVA case study - Southern Based Building Company

One of the directors of the company contacted Marie Moody of KSA to discuss the...

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CVA case study - Southern based online retailer

After reading our website, the director of an online retailer contacted Keith...

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CVA case study - Company in the farming sector

The business traded since the late 1980s, within the farming sector,...

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Case study: East Anglian Plumbing Company

One of the directors of the company contacted Sarah Massey of KSA to discuss the...

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CVA Case study - Scottish based retailer

The director of a retail company (with a single store) contacted Marie Moody of...

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Southern UK based software development company

One of the directors of this software development company contacted KSA director...

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Case study - UK based care company

The director of this company contacted Keith Steven of KSA to discuss the...

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Case study Southern based furniture company

This company was incorporated in May 2012 and is a supplier and installer of...

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case study - Southern based highway maintenance company

This company was incorporated in April 2010 and is a provider of highway...

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Flowers Sent By A Client!

We agreed a 2 year Time to Pay Arrangement with HMRC for a client.  They sent some lovely flowers today

A happy client created this cartoon strip for us!


A Worried Director

The Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors

Worried about poor cashflow? Feel you have got into a bit of a mess? Covid-19?, How to pay wages on pay day? For reassuring advice on a range of issues download our free Ultimate Guide For Worried Directors today. Or just call us on 0800 9700539

Please note that the guide includes updates due to Covid-19 For instance there have been some changes to insolvency legislation that limits creditors actions.  A new 20 day moratorium for distressed businesses has also been introduced. 

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