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Women's team, Coventry United, rescued from liquidation

5 January 2022

Women's team, Coventry United, rescued from liquidation

Just last month, Women’s Championship team, Coventry United, entered voluntary liquidation.

Now, we hear the news that Lewis Taylor, CEO of Energy Angels, has verbally agreed to take the club over and save it from liquidation. Involved was an agreement with existing shareholders, who did not wish for the club to collapse, hence were willing to negotiate.

On Monday, Taylor spoke with Sky Sports News saying: ‘’The deal is solely between us and the existing shareholders, so we’re not reliant on any third parties to say we can or can’t do this. I envisage the existing shareholders to just be happy someone else is willing to take it all on’’.

He went on to explain the noticed potential in the club’s future, which drove the agreement. It was not just a case of doing a short-term fix to keep the team together and tide over, for the current season.

He intends to sort the situation out rapidly, so players can be reassured, confident and ready to ‘’go and train, play and get results’’.

Coventry United are currently in their third season in the second tier; 11th in the 12-team Championship; holding six points over eleven games. The club was founded in 2013 and became professional just before the 2021-22 season.

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