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Winding up petition case study - Contract Delivery Company in London

16 March 2013

Winding up petition case study - Contract Delivery Company in London

This is a case study where we were able to help a business that had a winding up petition issued against it.

The business was a contract delivery and transportation services company based in  London, specialising in delivering bread and bakery products for bakeries to retail customers.

The company’s accountant and adviser contacted KSA after reading the website.  A meeting was held between the director:  and KSA Director: Wayne Harrison,  at Tower 42.

KSA Group were appointed to assist the company on 6th November 2009.

By 30th November 2009 the annual turnover was £340,863 which is consistent with the previous year of £333,806 however losses were made of £116,263 and £74,745 respectively.

The company encountered financial difficulties due to being under capitalised from the outset and from suffering the high maintenance and repair costs of servicing its fleet of delivery vehicles: mainly due to the fleet of second hand vehicles and engaging sub-contractors to make deliveries.  This resulted in losses being made in 2008 and 2009. As a result, arrears to HMRC had occurred.

A payment plan was submitted to HMRC and was rejected.  HMRC subsequently issued a Winding Up Petition, which presented at court on 12th October 2009 and was served prior to KSA's appointment.

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