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Will there be a freeze on business rates?

19 November 2013

There is increasing pressure from the media, including The Daily Telegraph, to freeze business rates for small shops and companies across the UK, in a bid to help businesses survive. If approved, rates will be frozen from 2015.

Potentially crippling business rates have now overtaken the cost of renting for shops and companies; they are now urging George Osborne to address this situation next month in the Autumn Statement. Companies want business rates to be frozen to allow time to review the current tax system so appropriate changes can be made.

According to reports, rates have increased by 23% in the last five years with a further 3.2% rise planned for next April. This is not reflective of the rents that many retailers pay since rates are not based on current rental levels post credit crunch.  Retailers believe the tax system is ‘outdated’ and needs to be modified in order to improve the overall economy.

There are also talks of rate cuts in Scotland with an announcement expected to be released over the next few days.

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