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What is the acronym CVA short for?

21 August 2012

A CVA most commonly can mean the following;

Cardio Vascular Accident ( heart attack)

Credit Value Adjustment  ( Banks do this as part of their risk management processes )

Company Voluntary Arrangement 

Note that it is NOT Company Voluntary Agreement, Corporate Voluntary Arrangement or other deviations.

A recent article in the Evening Standard criticized the British Property Federation (BPF)  for using the term Company Voluntary Agreement when asking for a change in the process.  This is what he said;

The only problem is that BPF has got the name of the process wrong, as the correct term is a company voluntary arrangement. Surely, if a trade body is going to call for a change to regulations, a good starting point is to get the most basic facts right.

But Wait.  The BPF actually used the term "CVA"  It was the journalists that interpreted the CEO Liz Peace's comments as referring to a Company Voluntary Agreement.  

Hats off to the Evening Standard journalist who knows the difference but unfortunately it is invariably the press that gets the term wrong

Other less well know acronyms

Cis-vaccenyl acetate ( A male pheromone in insects!)

Christian Vegetarian Association.

I think I will stop there.....