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Westfield Sports Cars Goes Into Administration

15 June 2022

The Dudley-based sports car manufacturing company Westfield has gone into administration.  The cars were famous for their open top small kit cars that looked like racing cars.

A notice on its website said Mark Bowen, of MB Insolvency, had been appointed as administrator of both Westfield Sports Cars Limited and Westfield Autonomous Vehicles Limited.

Westfield sold more than 13,000 cars worldwide since 1983 and produces more than 400 cars a year.

Prof David Bailey, a motoring expert and Professor of Business Economics at University of Birmingham, said Westfield had been a "leader" of the British kit-car industry.

"They were widely liked and well known in the UK and across Europe," he said.

"I think basically what they offered was a throwback to cars which were all about handling and speed.

"Whereas today they are all high-tech, refined - they were really raw, fantastically handling, speedy cars, which you could race on a track or drive on the road."

He said Westfield had taken over the company Chesil in 2019, and had been working in the autonomous car sector, developing shuttle pods used at Heathrow Airport and working on an autonomous road sweeper.

The automotive industry is continuing to face a number of pressures, he added, due to rising energy costs and supply chain problems related to the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit.

"I really hope something good can still come out of this," Prof Bailey said.

"They are well known for their kit-car side, but were a very innovative company when it comes to the autonomous industry."

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