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Welsh Fashion Designers’ Firm Goes Into Liquidation

4th August, 2023

Julien Macdonald’s firm has gone into liquidation (as of 26 July 2023), with all employees sacked and stock being sold by the appointed liquidators of FTS Recovery.

Macdonald, born in Merthyr Tydfil, was one of Wales’ most famous fashion designers. His clothing has been worn by Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham, to name just a few of the stars! He has also worked with brands such as Chanel and Givenchy. Most recently he designed the outfits for the opening ceremony of the 2022 Wales Commonwealth Games.

Trouble began for the company during the Coronavirus pandemic and also when Debenhams collapsed, as a significant amount of its revenue was lost.

“Due to the loss and under performance of several key contracts, including its main UK retail licensee, along with a previously growing licensee based in the United States, which severely impacted cashflow, the company is now in liquidation. The cashflow issues were compounded by general inflationary costs, which impacted on all aspects of the business”, said Alan Coleman, director of FTS Recovery.

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