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Welcome Garry to the Blogosphere

4 August 2008

Garry Mumford and Claire Ansbridge have launched a Blog for Insight Associates - we work closely with these chaps and chapesses down in sunny Stansted.

I have worked with Garry since mid 90s when he was the first accountant I had ever met who KNEW what a CVA was! In a time when I was working with The MacDonald Partnership plc I ran a series of seminars on the company voluntary arrangement tool, how we were using it and why it was so powerful.

Seems like only yesterday but it was 1997! So 11 years later and I am still ranting on about CVAs and CompanyRescue of course.

So Garry has launched a blog to tell people about his great business Insight Associates and the The Outsourced Finance Department. If your business is growing, if you are a salesman and accounts are those "orrible things that have to get done Sunday afternoon around kitchen tables" or if you have lost an internal accountant and you are high and dry....then TOFD could be just right for you.

Say Keith told you to call!