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Two disqualified directors sent to prison

19 October 2014

Following an Insolvency Service investigation, Mark Brafman and Bulbinder Singh Sandhu have been jailed for eight and five months respectively. 

They were both sentenced on 16th October after it was revealed they had been acting as directors while disqualified. Brafman had been directing four companies at the same time he was banned from directing and at one point, bankrupt. Sandhu had directed two companies whilst being disqualified. 

As well as their sentences, Brafman and Sandhu have been banned for a further 12 years as directors.

Liam Mannall, from the Department for Business Innovations and Skills, said “Mr Brafman and Mr Sandhu were both experienced businessmen who were clearly aware of the responsibilities involved in directing companies.”

“Both had been disqualified from doing so, yet over a number of years Mr Brafman chose to ignore the restrictions placed on him, as did Mr Sandhu for a lesser period.”

The two had directed retail companies, including Atlantic Fashions Limited, Acton Farm Ltd and Jet Star Retail Ltd. Jet Star purchased the assets from Northworld Limited which traded as Mark One.