Two directors disqualified after lying about sales of over £1 billion

13 August 2015

John and Carmel Billany are banned from acting as directors after an investigation found accounts had been tampered in order to secure extra finance for their supply business. John is disqualified for nine years while Carmel is banned for six years and three months.

Based in County Durham, Linden Group Limited supplied hydraulic components to traders and businesses around the world.

Falsified accounts showed their turnover was £1.2 billion, when in fact the actual turnover for £3 million. The investigation came as a result of Linden Group Limited becoming insolvent in 2013 after (unsurprisingly) falling behind with payments to a finance company.

The liquidator of the company sold the business on to an unconnected company in the same industry.

John and Carmel are two of the 1209 directors disqualified in the last year.