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Truro City FC Served Winding up Petition

23 September 2011

Truro City Football Club have been served with a winding up petition from HMRC The hearing date for the petition is the 31st of October.  The owner Kevin Heaney, who is part of a consortium to buy Plymouth Argyle FC, has said there is "no problem whatsoever" with the tax bill, which was "less than £100,000".

The advertisment of the petition will be a problem for the club as not only will it be bad publicity for Truro City FC and Kevin Heaney but it is likely that their banks may freeze their accounts. 

Football club's tax affairs are going to be back in the spotlight as HMRC are challenging the "football creditors rule" in November.  The rule is whereby the players, the leagues and the FA ie certain "football creditors" get preference over other suppliers and the HMRC.