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Travelodge saved by a CVA

4 September 2012

Travelodge, the budget hotel operator, has been saved from administration by a company voluntary arrangement (CVA)which was approved by creditors.  This has allowed the operator to slash its rents payable to landlords on 109 of its 500 hotels by 25% for 3 years.  As part of the deal Travelodge are offloading 49 of its hotels and paying a reduced rent of 55% on those until they are sold.  KPMG who have arranged the CVA said that unsecured creditors will receive a dividend of 23.4% instead of the return of 0.2% in the case of administration.

Yet again, the press and media call the company voluntary arrangement "controversial"!!  The deal was approved by 97% of the creditors and 96% of the landlords.  In order to get a CVA approved you need 75% of the creditors to agree.  The main lenders to the group Goldentree Asset Management, Avenue Capital and Goldman Sachs have agreed to write off £709m of debt.  As part of the deal £55m will be injected into the hotels for refurbishment.  Which is needed given the debt payments left precious little for essential freshening up.

All in all this is a fantastic result for Travelodge and shows the power of the CVA mechanism.  None of the hotels are going to be immediately closed but put on the market.

In a further effort to bring in cash the hotels are having a 70% off sale allowing people to book rooms for £25. The overall occupancy rate I am not sure of but this sort of sale is sure to help.

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