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TPO cease trading

18 February 2019

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Phone provider, The Peoples Operator, release a warning to customers to switch providers before next Tuesday (26th February 2019), as they fall into administration.

A PAC code is to be obtained from TPO, with a letter or email notified and any further enquiries regarding the notifications details to contact the WebChat support function on the companies site.

It was not so long ago, in January, that TPO had created themselves a niche by giving 10% of all their customers’ spend on plans, to a charity of their choice – encouraging customers from its social responsibility obligation.

However, accusations of poor customer service, accompanied with falling share prices left the network to collapse, with operations now to be ceased on 26th February 2019. No data will be able to be used, calls to be made or texts to be sent.

Currently, no deals have been agreed with rival networks to take on TPO’s customers. The wait and search for a deal continues, but to customers’ reassurance, if a buyer is not found, Ofcom , the industry regulator, will step in and ensure all customer interests are protected.

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