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The rain in Spain and other tales

7 July 2008

Sitting in a bar in Potes in the Los Picos De Europa mountains - magnificent views and very low prices. I cannot help but compare it to the UK.

In this small town of say 2,000 people these are the things that they don't suffer - unlike us in the UK where every rule is GOLD PLATED or so it seems.

  • No worries if you want a carrier bag for your daily shopping.
  • Little corner shops, small supermarkets and town market. Not dominance by the big 4 supermarkets, price to match. $0.48 for a San Miguel!
  • No segregation of rubbish: pile all in the big bin and we will move it manana (and they do), like you will get fined here for over filling a wheelie bin??? No chance!
  • Everyone smiles, even though our Spanish is hopeless and their English is non existent. they are happy to help even if we cannot converse.
  • No traffic jams. regular, carefully planned and sensible well maintained roads. Some of their driving is very interesting!
  • Excellent policing - they are everywhere. So there is little or no crime or violence even if the local Cidra (cider) gets them well oiled at nights.

Spending time here I am drawn to the conclusion that we are really killing small business in the UK and taxing the consumer to penury: and what do we (the small businesses and the customers) do about it?

If you are at your desk reading this I hope you enjoy a great holiday when it's your turn. Me - I am off to have a glass or two of Rioja