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Texts: the new way to contact business people

24 May 2010

I notice that NatWest and other banks are advertising that they will issue updates on accounts or mortgage applications on text messages, so the big banks seem to think texting is ok for business purposes.

I have just read a marketing blurb about the use of texting, it points out that everyone reads their mobile texts but not necessarily all of their emails. So expect a lot more use of texts in business!

We are also getting long marketing voicemails and direct mobile calls from the likes of Chris Cardell (a marketing "guru") and one indeed from Bob Geldof this week. When you hear his unmistakable voice you have to listen, because initially it seems so much like a normal call. "Wow Bob called me direct"

Digital marketing is going to move to mobile devices very aggressively in the next few months. I wonder how impatient I will get with spam type phone and text messages?!

On a serious note it looks a very powerful technique, how to keep a professional marketing image and protect your brand is a serious hurdle to overcome though.