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Snow trouble for businesses

2 December 2010

The press are having a field day on saying how poorly the transport system has coped in the bad weather. Other countries seem to cope better but they know they are going to get snow and it happens at roughly the same time every year, for 4 months. So they have greater investment in equipment and people to operate them. In the continental areas prone to snow, snow tyres and chains are generally required by law.Of course the press and sniping people sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices don’t realise just how bad the country has been hit. In the north east a METRE of snow has accumulated; record cold temperatures and heavy snowfall mean that salt and grit just doesn’t work on the roads! Additionally most British drivers are ill equipped for snow, lack of experience and training coupled with ill equipped cars means blocked roads.Many of us have been unable to get into work. Those relying on trains in the south are having delays of an hour or much more and the trains are on a go slow between stations. Few people in our head office Berwick have been able to come in and the other businesses near us are no shows either.Any business that relies on movement around the country such as haulage, courier, travelling sales/consultancy may be experiencing problems. If you feel that these conditions are going to cause longer lasting cashflow effects then please get in touch as you should always have a plan B.We are happy to talk on the phone for around 30-45 mins free of charge to let you know your options, set out a strategy and answer your concerns. With free tools like our daily cashflow we can equip you for the long winter ahead.As we might be allowing more time to get home at the moment if you need to talk to us please call us on our mobiles Keith Steven 07974 086779, Eric Walls (IP) 07787 278527, Wayne Harrison (IP) 07879 555350.

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