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Retail insolvencies buck the improving insolvency trend

30 July 2012

According to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the retail sector is suffering a big rise in insolvencies in the last 3 months when compared to last year.  This is not surprising considering the weather and the dampened consumer confidence.  426 retailers collapsed in the second quarter compared to the 386 a year ago.  Of course, Clinton Cards was the biggest company to fail but a number of these have been bought.  

Across all the other sectors there has been an improvement in the insolvency rate with, 15.5% fewer construction firms had gone bust than in the previous quarter, and 8.4% fewer manufacturers.  This has led to an improvement across all sectors of 3% to a total of 4000.  It should be noted that this is an insolvency rate of less than 1%.  In the early nineties the insolvency rate was some 2.5%.  

Again though, this construction data is not looking at the year on year figure.  Construction is having a hard time this year with the cutting back of infrastructure building and new house starts.  As such it does appear to be dragging down the GDP figures.

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