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Ranyard Trust care homes go into liquidation, putting 140 jobs at risk

3 April 2017

The care home charity, Ranyard Trust, has gone into liquidation resulting in two South East London care homes closing.

Based in Blackheath, Dowe House and Mulbury House employ almost 140 staff and are home to 60 elderly residents. Staff found out by accident the company was winding down and were later given redundancy notices.

Staff and residents were shocked by the handling of the situation as many 80 and 90 year olds only have a few days to move with some unable to say goodbye to their carers of over ten years. 

Several Care Quality Commission reports on the care homes have resulted in fewer residents moving in, leading to a fall in income.  

A Ranyard spokesperson commented, “The Care Quality Commission inspected the homes last summer and found care quality did not always match modern standards.” 

“This led the trust to stop admissions into the Homes for a time, while these issues were addressed. The number of residents has gone down and at present there are fewer than 60 residents. The decline in numbers has caused income to fall dramatically.”

“The trustees have been taking advice from accountants who have reached the conclusion that the Trust must cease to trade with immediate effect. The trust will now begin a process that will lead to liquidation.”

Lewisham Council has stepped in to help transfer the residents to alternative homes smoothly as possible. 

If you are an employee of the business, please listen to the video below as it will tell you your rights as an employee of an insolvent business.  There is a link at the end of the video to the Government website which expands further on what you need to know. We are not involved in the administration – please contact Ranyard who are working with the liquidators.&nb

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