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Pain, PAIN, pain!

15 June 2008

Well not feeling too good today, walked 66 miles from Friday am up to last night!

This was from a tiny place called Keilder in the far west of Northumberland where there are no mobile phone masts, hence no blog posts since last Wednesday, to a tiny coastal village called Warkworth.

25 walkers set off and all of us made it to the finish line at 5pm last night and boy did we enjoy those beers. Staying Friday (Otterburn) and Saturday (Rothbury) nights in two super hotels, excellent staff in both made sure we all got well fed and watered, especially the latter!

Many thanks for the team of support staff who made sure we were fed en route and moved our bags and gear around. Finally I would like to thank my sponsors - I don't have a final tally yet but expect to have raised over £2,300 for Cancer Research UK. Of course it is not too late to sponsor me now!

Thank goodness I am not moving far today. I may need a few more pain killers but should get through til bed time!