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Our 2018 Highlights

31 December 2018

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We hope that going forward, we can continue to save companies needing to be rescued.

A Happy New Year to you all.

So, what have our highlights for the year been?

Our Great CVA Debate

On the 7th November 2018, we held a debate at our offices in Bishopsgate, regarding CVAs and whether they are being used ethically in the retail sector. The event had a successful turnout. It was interesting to hear the views of the attendees, in particular Joshua Bamfield from the Retail Research Centre and the representatives of some of House of Fraser's landlords. He predicts 15,000 retail stores will close by 2022. See an overview of our debate here.

Publishing our own research

In Summer 2018, we were lucky enough to get the chance to publish our own research and investigate into the insolvency statistics of 4m companies. This was the first research of the type in the UK. The outcome was the statement that female-run businesses are less likely to become insolvent, than those run by men. This research widened our insight to the gender balance within insolvency and highlighted to us a potential bias which exists. This created some discussion, as expected and intended. Can we do more to encourage more women to run companies? At the moment there are 8 times as many men running companies as there are women – can we change this? (For our research findings, see here)

Securing big, exciting deals

This year we have helped to rescue numerous companies, of which we cannot name of course due to confidentiality. But It has been a pleasure to see our work helping to save struggling companies.

We love what we do and take pride in all of our work. So please, if you are struggling yourself, do not be ashamed to ask for help, speak to one of us today and we can advise you.

Watching the High Street retail crisis

This year has been very fascinating to stay the least. A couple of years ago who would have thought the Behemoth, Carillion, would collapse?  Even more surprising has been, the retail crisis. We have seen endless amounts of retail shops and restaurant chains facing collapse, even those big household favourites, who you would most definitely not expect. Who will be next?


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