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Notts County to defend winding up petition today

11 February 2013

Notts County have revealed that HMRC issued them with a winding up petition and the hearing is today!  They have vigourously denied that they owe HMRC any PAYE and VAT and have appointed Counsel to defend their position.

In a statement they said; "The club can state, unequivocally, that the business is completely up to date with all VAT and PAYE monies and that this action is regarded by the board as both disruptive and damaging," read a statement.

"Unfortunately, we had no option other than to instruct legal counsel to represent us, but we fully expect this issue to be resolved in our favour once the judge has before him all the facts."

The problem for the club is that they will have their bank account frozen until the outcome can be determined.  The petition was not advertised which implies that the club did manage to get an agreement not to advertise while the matter was settled.  Obviously no agreement was arrived at!

If your business is facing a winding up petition and you feel that there is no case for it then talk to a solicitor or barrister.

We know a solicitor who is also a barrister so can make representations for a lower cost.  See his page winding up petition solicitors.

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