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Marquee company director banned for five years

19 May 2016

James Elliott Pemble from All Marquees Limited has been disqualified for five years after transferring the company’s money to his own account and other businesses.

An Insolvency Service investigation found at least £144,427 had been taken out of the company and paid into Pemple’s other sole trader businesses between 2012 and 2014. The company was insolvent at the time.

Prior to All Marquees Limited, Pemble’s three other marquee companies were put into liquidation.  By the time All Marquees was in liquidation in 2014, there were three CCJs against the company and the total debt amounted to £200,877. 

Pemble also failed to explain the transfer of money to the Official Receiver.

If a company is insolvent, a director must tread very carefully and ensure they are adhering to their duties. Failing to maximise creditors’ best interests could result in a company investigation and disqualification. 

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