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Lunar Caravans Limited has been put into administration - Possible buyer found

7 August 2019

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lunar caravan


An FRP Advisory spokesman said: "The Joint Administrators have provisionally accepted an offer for the business and assets of Lunar Caravans Ltd and hope to be able to confirm this deal in the coming days."

Preston caravan manufacturer, Lunar Caravans Limited, has been placed into administration.  

Lunar Caravans design and make lightweight touring caravans from their production facilities in Lostock Hall. It has been established for over 50 years.

Partners of FRP Advisory, David Acland and Lila Thomas were appointed yesterday. Now, they seek a buyer for the business and its assets. The company is given hope by the fact that the UK staycation market remains strong. It the meantime, the company continue to trade, and no redundancies have occurred as of yet.

Whilst a buyer is sought, more than 140 production workers have been left at risk. It was only in late June that 142 short-term employees were placed on temporary leave as the business operated on a reduced capacity – was this a sign of their struggles?

If you have ordered a caravan from Lunar then read this page for some advice

David Acland of FRP said ‘’The company has faced severe cash flow issues in recent months following a period of challenging trading conditions, resulting in the administration appointment. All production including the 2020 models were suspended prior the appointment, as were the majority of production staff laid off.’’

If you are an interested party, please contact the administrators at FRP Advisory on 0161 833 3344.

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I feel sorry for the employees and suppliers, who have been left high and dry in this situation. Hopefully the buyer will consider these people when and if trading commences again. Clearly the board of directors need to be investigated, claiming cash flow issues when employees and suppliers haven’t been paid for time,goods,or services for some time, clearly this means the money went somewhere and or the Directiors were trading when insolvent.
Mr S Q Sprite.

Andrew09/08/2019 16:17

Does this latest update whereby
a new buyer for Lunar caravans has been found mean that the company will continue to build Lunar caravans or Just asset strip the company, sell off existing parts and
And close down the factory and use the existing site for other purposes.

Robin08/08/2019 14:59

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