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Lincoln Ritz cinema threatened with winding up petition

17 January 2014

Ritz Cinema and Theatre Ltd could be threatened a winding up petition if they fail to pay back nearly £5,000 in debt.

The company runs Lincoln Ritz Cinema and owes £4,787 to comedian, Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, who performed at the venue last year. The entertainment agents, Handshake Ltd, are now threatening a winding up petition after the cinema has failed to follow a court order to pay up. 

According to the cinema’s Chief Executive, Peter Genders, he was unaware of the court order and will be trying to stop the winding up petition.  

The Ritz Cinema opened in 1937 but closed down in 1996. The main section was turned into a Wetherspoons pub, leaving an upper level empty. Peter Genders decided to bring back the cinema to the empty level and has since been working to restore the cinema.  

A winding up petition can be dismissed at court if the judge is persuaded the company can pay back the debt over time or sell off assets to cover it. For more information, visit our how to dismiss a winding up petition page. 

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