LGV training company wound up by High Court

11 June 2014

A company specialising in Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) training has been wound up by the High Court. 

London-based Jacob H Limited took advance payment from customers for non-existent courses. Customers paid up to £920, on average, for various courses that failed to be organised. 

The Insolvency Service found the firm collected in around £130,000, all of which could not be explained for by the firm. The company even promised refunds to customers for these courses but of course, no refunds ever turned up. 

What’s more, the firm has broken Company House regulations by having no record of an appointed director. Company accounts have also not been filed properly. 

David Hil from the Insolvency Service, commented, “This company appeared to have no intention of providing the services it claimed it could and instead duped customers into paying for service they were never likely to receive and winding it up protects the public from losing more money in this way.”

Scam companies, be warned...