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Law firm, Linder Myers LLP, looks for buyer

7 February 2014

Law firm in the North West, Linder Myers LLP, has filed a Notice of Intention (NOI) to appoint administrators, due to an ‘increasingly challenging environment’ in the legal sector. 

Despite growing over the last few years, the law firm have struggled to operate its business in the current climate, making trading difficult. Bernard Seymour, Managing Partner of the firm, felt it was the best solution to file an NOI in order to protect its partners and employees. 

With a turnover of £18.7 million, Linder Myers employs 260 members of staff and 51 partners. The last few months have proved very difficult and they now hope to sell the business or merge with another firm. Reports suggest EY will be handling the situation while trading continues as normal. 

The firm joins others in the same region, including Swinburne & Jackson LLP, going down the administration route as the legal sector continues to face challenges. 

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