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Katie Hopkins Rumoured to be looking at IVA to avoid Bankruptcy

Written by Robert Moore Marketing Manager 17 September 2018

‘’Two tweets cost her house, her job and now her credit rating ‘’

Katie Hopkins who once said ‘’poor people have no one else to blame but themselves’’, is reportedly looking at an IVA, as an insolvency agreement to avoid bankruptcy.

The right-wing broadcaster who found her fame on The Apprentice, was ordered to pay more than £24,000 and £105k of legal costs, after refusing to back down and apologise for a tweet she sent in 2015. The tweet regarded food writer, Jack Monroe, and falsely implied that she backed the defacement of war memorials by protestors. Monroe asked for an apology from Hopkins, as well as the donation of £5,000 to a migrant’s charity, or else she would sue. Unsurprisingly, Hopkins refused to back down and so a court case led to her being forced to pay thousands of pounds in damages and legal costs.

At the same time, Hopkins’ media career took a downfall. In late 2017, she left Mail Online whom she wrote a regular column for, as well as losing her LBC radio show when she requested a ‘final solution’, following the Manchester Arena terrorist attack. Now, she works for the far-right Canadian firm Rebel Media.

The circumstances led to her Devon home already being sold. Now if an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) has been applied for, then it will help Hopkins avoid bankruptcy and manage the long-term repayment of her debts.

Monroe expresses how she should be ‘’jubilant and celebratory’’ about this, yet she actually feels mixed up. She hopes that her children do not suffer as a result of her mistakes – Monroe has been close to bankruptcy herself and so empathises. ‘’I hope this is an opportunity to regroup and reconsider how best to provide for her family without ending up in court... I don’t believe that anyone’s so far beyond redemption…I feel really bad it’s all ended up like this. I thought she’d just say sorry.’’ 

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