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It's not over yet for Lily Allen's vintage clothes business

28 January 2014

Lily Allen’s ‘Lucy in Disguise’ store closes down but recent reports reveal there is still a strong online presence. 

Back in November 2013, news reports surfaced of Lily Allen’s vintage fashion company, Lucy In Disguise, being forced into liquidation by its creditor, Aurora Fashions. Having failed to pay up the amount they owed, they were issued a winding up petition and the store had to close. 

While the vintage clothes store closed its doors in Lexington Street London, co-founder (and Lily’s sister), Sarah Owen confirmed today they will be moving to smaller premises to focus on their online business. 

She revealed the brand’s online presence is still going strong, stating, "We have made the decision to focus on our online business which is showing greater profit and obviously has wider reach and greater potential for growth”. 

Lily Allen left the company in 2011, handing over the directors duties to her sister. The company website is still trading with reports suggesting there is even a new boutique planned for the future.