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HMRC Time to Pay Assistance - Easter Offer

29 March 2013

As part of a special Easter offer we are selling our Time to Pay Programme for just £4.99 + VAT that is a reduction of 70%! until the end of April 2013

Everything you need to get a deal to pay back VAT PAYE, Creditors over 3-12 months: expert step by step KSA programme get yours now.

So what’s included in your easy to use programme?

  • Saves you time = step by step timetable, planned for every step of the way! Plus a flowchart to help you plan your activity and monitor progress!
  • Professional Letters - All the letters, letter templates and worked examples for writing letters to HMRC and helping them to agree a deal! All you need is a pc and you can get the job done.
  • Protects Directors - includes a guide to protecting you as directors
  • Comply with the law - 4 board resolutions to control the board meetings you will have. This is how we protect you personally as directors to act legally and responsibly!
  • Meet the taxman requirements - our simple to use tax compliance guide – our unique step by step approach to making sure the HMRC people see you are compliant with tax rules! This helps protect you and get the deal done!
  • User guide and even the file index sheet to print off to set up your file!
  • All supported by a money back guarantee, if you don’t get a deal we will refund your modest purchase price!
  • Visit our shop for more details:

      Just £4.99+VAT

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