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Hereford United wound up by the High Court

22 December 2014

After months of financial problems and legal actions against the club, Hereford United has now been officially wound up by the High Court in London and has entered the formal liquidation process. 

Back in early June, a winding up petition had been issued against the football club but this was adjourned to allow management to look into the administration or company voluntary arrangement (CVA) options. A CVA proposal was put forward in August but was rejected by HMRC, which was owed £170,000 at the time. 

According to reports, the club's lawyer stressed at the Court hearing that the owner, Andy Lonsdale, had £1million in funding to pay back creditors but as he was late and "stuck in traffic", there was no documentation to prove it. Unsurprisingly, the court was not convinced and subsequently wound up the company. 

Formed in 1924, the club was 14th in the Southern League Premier and played their last game in Dunstable last week. 

There are talks of a fan-owned club to start up which would belong to the community. The vice-chairman from The Hereford United Supporter's Trust, Martin Watson, said, "The council has indicated they want a community football club and we believe we are at the head of people wanting to start again.This is not the end; we will rebuild it.”

Hereford Council, which owns the freehold of the club's ground, also made a statement: "As Hereford United Football Club (1939) Limited is in the process of being wound up and a liquidator will be appointed, this action triggers the council's right as landlord to forfeit the leases. The council will now pursue this and seek to gain formal repossession of all three sites leased to the club. Once the ground has been secured, the council will consider the appropriate process for procuring a new tenant to ensure the continuation of football."

Will there be a Hereford United club in the future? Only time will tell...

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