Have you had a 7 day warning letter from HMRC?

25 May 2010

“We had a time to pay deal with HMRC, we have failed to keep up with payments. What happens now?

According to our contacts, seven day warning letters are popping up everywhere from HMRC.

When a company has had a time to pay deal with HMRC and has been unable to keep up the payments, we are finding that HMRC collectors are now getting tough.

If you have had a warning letter what does it mean? They can threaten

County Court Judgment, Distraint, Bailiff visits or even threaten to issue a winding up petition

Click link below if your company has had a 7 day warning letter, for our new guide.

We have had a 7 day warning letter

In the notes attached to the letter HMRC suggests that the company considers a CVA as a solution. Clearly, this indicates that HMRC wants struggling businesses to recover. So talk to the KSA CVA experts now.