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Harley Medical Group in administration

19 November 2012

The Harley Medical Group, which specialises in cosmetic surgery, has been forced into administration following the claims made by women who had the PIP breast implants fitted.  1,700 women were seeking compensation which ran into millions of pounds.   The firm said that it could not afford to replace all the patients implants free of charge, unless it actually ruptured and so the NHS has been doing the operations where there was deemed a significant risk.

It has emerged that all the doctors and directors have been transferred to another firm and are carrying on performing surgery.  Documents filed at Companies House reveal Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery Ltd was set up in September with the same directors as Harley Medical Centre and based at the same address near Harley Street.

This, of course, has raised questions about the process and left many people angry.  There is always a risk if you employ a private company to do anything let alone a surgical procedure. However, questions should be asked as to why this company's insurance or PI cover is not involved in paying for corrective surgery.  I would have thought that this would offer some recourse.  Why are they not paying out?  Did they actually have adequate cover?  The latter is surely the main question.

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