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Green Flag cancels contracts with small garages

12 December 2011

In bad news for small businesses, Green Flag has cancelled 110 contracts with small garages to do rescue and repairs.  Many of the businesses have worked with Green Flag for 20 years.  The firms were given just 30 days notice after the contracts were amended in the Summer from 3 months notice to 1 month notice.  This would appear to be cruel but Green Flag have said that it was all part of the re-tendering process.  This consolidation means that the company is now using 173 instead of 283 operators.  Some larger firms are likely to take up more work.

The rescue and recovery business is struggling as there are more regulations coming into force such as the "Low Emission Zones" that are being brought into London.

Rescue and recovery garages that are finding that the loss of the  biggest client, Green Flag,  will need to act quickly to ensure their business survives.

We have managers all over the country who can advise on business rescue plans or help close the company cleanly and quickly.