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Good news for Dixons

18 December 2013

The electronic retailer has reported that profits and sales are on the up, even after competing with Currys and PC World.

Dixons has struggled for the last few years alongside other high street retailers, like Jessop’s and Comet, but have come out fighting after reviewing price models and restructuring the company as a whole. It’s now planning to sell a million tablets this Christmas.

It has suffered losses of up to £83.5 million, largely due to Pixmania and Electroworld, its digital businesses that had been dragging the company down. Once it was able to split from them, Dixons has been focusing on completely updating the stores to bring a fresh lease of life and thankfully customers too.

Despite profits improving, shares dropped this morning on account of the recent debt figures as well as a lack of dividends.

Sebastian James, Chief Executive of Dixons, believes that the company can only improve and has ‘never looked better’.

Restructuring a business is a great way to identify financial issues and discover new ways to move the business forward. It can be very challenging for directors but also hugely rewarding if it allows the company to continue. For advice on cutting costs and dealing with cashflow problems, call us on 0800 9700539 for free confidential and honest advice.

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